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Italy - sightseeing

Italy's main cities, Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan are all superb and incredibly rich in history, art and architecture. The stores are full of the finest designer clothing. The restaurants are rich in the tastes and aromas of the finest cuisine from around the world. But Italy is so much more than its main cities. Italy's heritage and its beauty are in the richness of its soil, of its wines, and its inspiring coastline that traces sandy beaches and welcoming coves for mile upon mile. We can introduce your client's top achievers to some parts of Italy they might never experience before. Firmly convinced our work is anything but a mere booking service, we take care of you because our commitment is to involve them in the Italian way of life, giving them the opportunity to "experience" Italy while being sure that all the boring logistical stuff is managed by us. We love our delicious wine and food, refined art, music and fashion, our tremendous joy de vivre with fun and passion: let us bring you in our world relying on more than 30 years experiences.