About Us


Once upon a time...

The story of Studio ITER is a fairly tale of two people who had a passion for life, for each other and for a company they dreamed could take its place as a leader in Italy. In the 30 years since leaving university Roberto and Lorella's dream has become reality: a destination management company that is considered one of the most reliable and creative in Italy. .

Italy continues to maintain its place as one of Europe's leading destinations, so no matter where your program takes you, from the Dolomites to Sicily, Studio Iter's passion will filter through to you, your client and everyone who experiences their creativity and love for what they do.


Lorella plays a key role in the success of Studio ITER. Her knowledge and ability to manage, coordinate and organize programs efficiently make her a guarantee for the success of any event


Roberto has been selecting and handling strong relationships with the best suppliers in Italy and that translates into value for money, on-budget programs for the incentive travel and event planner

Studio Iter - Istituzionale

30 Years of Experience

30 years of experience. Outstanding track record in handling prestigious events throughout Italy

Offices all over Italy

Head office is in Perugia, midway between Rome and Florence. Branch offices in Rome, Naples, Milan, Venice, Catania (Sicily) and Olbia (Sardinia).

24/h Assistance

Reliability based on long track record and on 24 hour assistance on site. Our direct and continuous relations with Italian suppliers ensure maximum buying power.

Respond Quickly

Respond quickly and always address the brief.

Great people to work with

well trained to grant the high professional profile also during the stressful on site operations.

Added Value of Studio Iter

Personal Relationships

The personal relationships we have with Italian opinion leaders, VIPs, successful companies and local authorities along with our full understanding of the real core of the brief grant us to create the experiences required. We build up stories more than planning a trips.


Our staff is accustomed to welcome and solve any changes when necessary, even with very short notice and keep everything under control.

Our deep knowledge

Our deep knowledge of the destination allow us to provide for specific requests connected with side services in occasion of special events.

Client Satisfaction

We do not always say what the customer wants to hear but normally we give the best possible impartial advice, being the full satisfaction of the client our priority in a long term vision of cooperation.



Studio ITER embraces the total quality management ethic emphasising efficiency, professionalism and high levels of customer service, established on a secure financial foundation and fully licensed in accordance with E.U. regulations. Studio ITER is dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment for employees and customers. An effective Health and Safety Programme is carried out throughout assists management and employees in controlling hazard and risks which minimizes customers’ injuries and damage to customers' property.


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